Monday, March 10, 2008

SWISS L-glutathione Bar

Acne Marks? Pimple Marks? Dark spots? Sun burnt skin? Our most guarded skin lightening / skin whitening secret can now be yours! SW+SS L-glutathione bar brings you hassle free skin lightening / skin whitening at its best. No more worries about whether you can take glutathione capsules / glutathione whitening pills or not. It does not matter if your pregnant or taking other medicines. Swiss glutathione bar soap together with its active ingredients brings skin lightening / skin whitening directly to your skin. It works best against acne marks / pimple marks, age spots and other dark spots. It has no harmful ingredients and can be used by anyone. Swiss L-glutathione bar is more than just a regular soap or a regular beauty product; it's a skin care treatment. A skin care solution!

We accept a minimum order of five pieces and we'll send you your soaps free of delivery charges. Just text us on our hotline 091752-swiss(79477). We are now accepting G-cash payments. Minimum order - 5 pieces = P675


  1. Thanks for the quick delivery already got mine today! :D

  2. Will definitely order again! fast delivery kase!